Partnership Questions

What is our company’s role in this partnership?

The company has an important role in the partnership. But don’t worry, we have prepared almost everything for you to succeed. It’s important to connect with key stakeholders in various areas of the company to create buy in and company-wide awareness. Companies will often promote the use of the SPLT Platform through various channels and spur engagement in new and exciting ways. Companies get as much information out of the SPLT Platform as they put in.

What technical development is required from our company?

No tech development at all!

What are the benefits to the customer?

More employees carpooling means less demand for parking.  It reduces automobile congestion around our offices. It connects employees together that might never have met. It provides additional mobility options for employees commuting long distances. It will also be another way that the company is helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Launch Questions

What is a SPLT Launch Day?
Launch Day allows employees the opportunity to register on the app and begin carpooling. In the past, customers have reserved a room or set up a SPLT booth in the lobby on launch day to educate and engage employees about SPLT. Additionally, SPLT team members can be onsite answering questions and helping roll out the program (upon request). The SPLT launch is fun and energizing and presents an opportunity for coworkers and the community to come together to make a positive impact collectively.

Why do we need a launch day?

We dedicate at least one day to launching SPLT in order to create excitement around the application, ensure that employees are aware of the new platform, and help with downloading and explaining the app. The more users on SPLT, the more effective the matching algorithm - by launching on one day, we can build a large critical mass on the platform in the matter of 24 hours so matches can occur immediately.

What do I need to do for launch day?

Customers will work directly with SPLT for 6 to 8 weeks leading up to launch day. SPLT will ensure an on-time and successful launch day by working through the process with the customer. Leading up to launch day, we will work together to send out at least three communications (email blasts, texts, social media posts, webinar, etc.) and post marketing materials around office locations (posters, banners, elevator signs, parking lot yard signs, cafeteria boards, etc.). All of this is completed with the purpose of educating employees about SPLT and building excitement around the platform. On launch day, itself, we suggest setting up a booth or reserving a room for employees to stop by and learn about the app. We also suggest having free food and/or fun giveaways to incentivize employees to stop by and download the app.

What kind of giveaways have other customers handed out on launch day?

Launch day is meant to be entirely customized to the customer, based on corporate structure and company culture. What worked for others may not be the right fit for you, but here are some examples of launch day giveaways:

  • SPLT and company customized keychains

  • Cupcakes, cookies, candy treats

  • SPLT lanyards

  • SPLT car chargers

  • SPLT t-shirts

  • SPLT stress balls/fidget spinners

  • Customized water bottles, mugs, koozies

  • Raffles (raffle off gas cards, amazon echos, or even bigger ticket items like a bicycle)

  • Food (bagels/breakfast in morning)

  • Many more!

How will our employees learn about SPLT leading up to Launch Day?

There are many different ways that could potentially happen. Leading up to launch day, we work with the company’s steering committee to identify key stakeholders and corporate communications channels to spread the word. We leverage these existing channels within the company to disseminate information. Normally, we have a corporate communications meeting with the steering committee to decide the best way to bring SPLT to the forefront for potential users. We do this by creating an engagement plan - both a communications timeline and strategy as well as a rewards program for SPLT users. On launch day, SPLT will come in and set up an activation zone to onboard new users (upon request).

What is a SPLT Champion?
A SPLT Champion is someone who promotes SPLT internally among co-workers and encourages participation & adoption of the platform. It is important to try to identify SPLT Champions before launch day in order to leverage their excitement and energy to encourage other employees to download and use SPLT. It is also important to identify Champions on Launch Day and ask if they want to be involved in a SPLT leadership position. Champions will come to our SPLT booth on launch day, get some free swag, download the app and express excitement about sustainability/carpooling. They can share real-life experiences using the app and really be a leader and a local representative of SPLT for their team or department. Champions encourage others to carpool to work as well through different campaigns or internal competitions, or maybe if they have a work event off site, they can suggest that their team SPLT the ride to that event. We even equip Champions with materials they can distribute to their team members, and we are happy to work with Champions to customize that material and really have some fun with it.

What are the most common departments that champion SPLT forward internally?

Corporate Social Responsibility, Finance, C-level executives, HR, Sustainability, Facilities & Parking, for starters!

Contract, Liability and Tax Questions

Is the company liable for any accidents that occur while using SPLT?

SPLT has a contract with the users and a separate contract with the company. Since carpooling is a voluntary action on part of the users, the company is not liable for any accidents. Regarding liability to the sponsoring/contracting organization, we believe that due to the volunteer nature of the SPLT ride sharing program, the organization is not liable for damage due to accidents, spills, etc. This would fall under personal car insurance and personal responsibilities of the Driver and Rider. We have had ‘major domestic insurance companies’ concur with this premise, and no additional rider/insurance product is deemed necessary at this point.

What are SPLT’s Terms & Conditions?

SPLT’s Terms & Conditions of Use are between the User and SPLT to ensure that we receive sign-off upon registration in the app, before a user can proceed. This agreement is between the Users and SPLT, and states items such as SPLT being voluntary, the User having an adequate driver’s license, if applicable, etc. Terms and Conditions will be shared with customers for review upon request.

How long is a normal contract?

A standard contract is one year or longer. It takes a few months to get ramped, so it's important to commit to at least a year to see optimal results.

How secure is the SPLT app to use?

The SPLT app is very secure and has been designed with your data privacy in mind. SPLT has a security white paper that can be shared with you upon request.

What is the reasoning for Non-taxability of Reimbursements, Rider to Driver?

IRS Publication 463 (2015):

Specific language from this publication:

Car pools.   You cannot deduct the cost of using your car in a nonprofit car pool. Do not include payments you receive from the passengers in your income. These payments are considered reimbursements of your expenses. However, if you operate a car pool for a profit, you must include payments from passengers in your income. You can then deduct your car expenses (using the rules in this publication).

IRS Publication 15-B (2016):

Specific language from this publication:

For 2018, the standard mileage rate is 54.5 cents per mile.

The standard mileage rate is typically applied both on the income and deduction side, for example in this reimbursement context and in employee reimbursements for business trips, but also in the charitable deductions of your travel for a nonprofit.   The rate actually fluctuates slightly every year (it was 57.5 cents in 2015, 54 cents in 2016 and 53.5 in 2017 and 54.5 in 2018), and is updated in the instructions to Form 2106 (Employee Business Expenses), the Publications above and in the Newsroom, amongst other locations.

What do you do with employee data (data privacy)?

SPLT does neither shares company emails nor company information is share in any way with any other platform.

Does the app track where you are?
The application uses background location to track the ride as it occurs. This helps verify the completion of rides and supply ETAs to riders. The driver’s location can be used to designate their position on riders’ maps and check the validity of rides. The user can always turn off location tracking in their settings or configure ride tracking to only track the user while they are in the app.

Is there a background check on users driving records? Should I be concerned about safety?
When Drivers agree to the Terms and Conditions upon registration, they are certifying they have insurance and valid driver’s licenses. While background checks are not performed on users, this is a closed network of customer employees only. This is very different than an open network to the public.  With SPLT, the public cannot participate on the SPLT platform.

What kind of employee data do you need?

SPLT will use the emails of all the employees unless the customer institutes a company group code requirement for registration as opposed to a company email. Additionally, to create a heatmap that shows the viability of carpool potential at each customer location, SPLT collects anonymized zip codes of all employees. SPLT does not store customer data if services can be provided without it. For example, when storing payment information SPLT sends the data directly to the payment providers (Stripe and PayPal) and never holds onto anything except the payment token on its servers. SPLT does not share the phone numbers or first and last name with users of the system. Instead, SPLT anonymizes calls between users and only shows the first name and last initial.

If there’s an accident and the driver and/or passenger is injured, is that covered under workman’s comp?
The Terms & Conditions exist between SPLT and the user. Thus, the company is not liable because SPLT users are taking voluntary actions, certifying they have insurance and valid driver’s licenses through the Terms & Conditions.

If someone leaves the company, can they still carpool with SPLT?

No. SPLT is only open to current employees. It is a closed network and the customer must be your current employer to use the app. If you leave the company, you will no longer be able to access SPLT to carpool.

What type of customer support does SPLT offer?

SPLT offers around the clock support via our hotline. Users can also reach out to our support personnel within the app. We communicate the appropriate hotline number (differentiated by country of program participation by the user) in initial messaging, and reaffirm throughout the launch process and beyond.

General App Questions

What are the benefits of SPLT’ing?

So many! With every new customer, we learn about more ways that SPLT can affect a company positively. Most notably, SPLT helps to reduce parking congestion, improve work productivity, retention and attraction of employees, inter-company networking, sustainability and more. SPLT also increases access to work, employee satisfaction, and community involvement.

Who is eligible to SPLT?
For this initial rollout wave, SPLT is only available to employees at the company. Please ask your  representative if SPLT is available at your location. The expectation is that SPLT will be rolled out to other regions as soon as is practical.

What information is required for registration?
Once the app has been downloaded, registration is quick and intuitive. It is important to note that our app is not open to all consumers. Users must register on the app with a pre-approved company email address or a group code provided by SPLT. Once you have entered your name, group code and desired password, you will be prompted to input your phone number and will receive an SMS verification code. This verification method ensures safety and security for users. Registration allows you to upload your profile photo as well as enter your banking information so you can either pay or receive payment for the rides, depending on if you are a driver or rider.

How does matching happen? Can I choose to opt into the carpool or am I automatically placed into a carpool?
Matching happens instantaneously! When SPLT has identified a carpool for you to join, a notification is sent within the app. You have the option to go into your carpoolers profiles to learn more about them and contact them through the app by message or call if you wish. You always have the choice of opting in or out of a carpool. If you opt in, you’re all set. If you opt out, SPLT will look for another match. Users have complete control of their carpooling experience.

How can I contact another user?
You can message or call another user within the app. Your phone number will stay anonymous to the other user.
1.Select the picture of the user you want to contact.
2.A new screen will show, where you can select if you want to message or call
3.Type your message
4.Call: you will receive a phone call which will connect you to the user.

What is the “rate your ride” feature? If I had a negative experience carpooling, will my co-workers know that I said I had a poor experience in their carpool?
Absolutely not. In fact, the rate your ride feature is NOT about rating the driver or riders. Instead, it is an opportunity to give feedback on the route itself. This feedback helps us, so we can get better at delivering the best routes possible. If you felt the route went too far out of the way, simply rate the route poorly and SPLT will improve your experience for the next trip. Your fellow carpoolers will never know what you selected.

I want to join a specific carpool. Is there any way for me to indicate which carpool I want to join in the app?
Yes. This is the Carpool Code feature. Once the driver creates a route, she/he will have a Carpool Code associated with that carpool. To find this code, navigate to your route details. You will see the Carpool Code in the top right corner. You can then send this code to your co-workers and they will be able to join your carpool. To join a carpool using a Driver’s Carpool Code, riders must first create their route, then navigate to the “All Routes” page, select “Details” for that specific route, then select “Join with Driver Code.” Upon entering the code and selecting “Join,” you will be added to that specific carpool.

How does reimbursement work?
Reimbursement between rider and driver occurs directly in the app through safe and secure payment platforms. Drivers are reimbursed at a rate of 30 cents a mile, up to the reimbursable tax limit, to create fairness between the rider and the driver. SPLT never takes a fee - the app is free for you to use! All the mobile payments are cashless within the app through credit, debit or bank account. And, you can see the cost estimate of the ride before even joining.

How is payment calculated?
Riders reimburse Drivers for their portion of the ride at 30 cents per mile If an additional Rider joins at the same time, the cost will be divided equally, reducing the reimbursement rate to the Driver for both Riders by half.

If the Driver is expensing mileage, can he or she still collect the 30 cents?
No.  If the driver is expensing mileage, then he or she cannot collect the 30 cents per mile from SPLT.  This would amount to a double reimbursement. There is also no SPLT reimbursement for employees using company cars.  The overwhelming majority of commuters are not expensing mileage and are using their own car - so this impacts a relative few.

Can you turn SPLT on in multiple locations?

Absolutely. We can bring neighboring companies onto the same network so they can ride together, thereby creating a great critical mass of users. This often helpful in business parks where there are many working professionals.

How much advance notice do you need to give SPLT on your ride?

Matching a ride on SPLT is instantaneous, just like Uber or Lyft. You do not need to give advance notice, but it is recommended to schedule as far in advance as possible so the Drivers and Riders are aware of your participation.

How can I download SPLT?

You can download SPLT by searching “Splitting Fares” on the iPhone or Android app stores.

Where is SPLT currently in service?

SPLT is currently live in the US, Latin America, and Europe. But we’re going global!