3 Reasons You Should Carpool by SPLT's HS Intern

We are fortunate to have a dedicated intern on our team, Alexis Plascencia.

Alexis is a freshman at the Detroit Cristo Rey High School. He joined our team last fall as part of the school's Work Study Program, which aims to provide a real-life work experience for every student. Through this program, students build the knowledge, skills, and self-confidence to be successful in higher education, in the workplace and in life. Alexis is with us five days a month and plays a critical role in administrative tasks that are a part of the everyday startup grind here at SPLT. We couldn't be more proud of his progress. View his latest contribution below.


3 Reasons You Should Carpool

by Alexis Plascencia

For many years now we have greatly harmed the environment through the use of modern technology, including the use of vehicles. When the first automobile ever was made, people viewed it as an incredible feat of human invention that could do no wrong. As a rideshare companies based in Detroit, The Motor City, we know it’s history well. We graduated Techstars Mobility and were mentored by some of the best minds in mobility and automotive alike.

The automobile has indeed been one of the most innovative developments in history. But, what they didn’t know way back when is that this great invention could one day harm the very Earth we inhabit. With great power comes great responsibility. Thankfully, there are many existing solutions to control pollution levels and climate change. However, a solution that has been standing out for years is Carpooling. This is where SPLT comes in.


3 reasons why you should carpool:


1. A Greener Planet  

Earth’s temperature has risen in recent years, putting in danger lives and resources. Studies have shown that when just 10% percent of Americans decided to carpool, 85 million gallons of gasoline were saved in a single day, a nonrenewable resource. Carpooling also allows for less wear and tear on our roads and highways. By connecting with people through carpooling you are making a healthier environment for the future and for yourself.


2. Save Money  

Whether you are the driver or the rider, carpooling will save you money and lots of it. In fact, we estimate that if you use SPLT moderately for your commute, you can save $5000 per year.  When carpooling, you effectively “SPLT” the cost of fuel, tolls, and other related expenses, putting money back in your pocket to direct towards where you want it to go. By carpooling, you could also avoid possible damages to your car as it will remain safe and sound at home. Carpooling can even reduce the amount you pay on parking spaces and most expenses car related. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Well, it is!


3. Time is Money

Don’t you just hate being stuck in traffic? Wasting valuable time because of traffic on the road is anything but fun. Carpooling reduces the amount of cars on the road, therefore making daily transportation faster for everybody. With big cities now incorporating carpool lanes your daily route could now be even faster.

If you’re concerned you’re doing it wrong, just look at these guys! Or, let us know and sign up your corporation for SPLT today. It’s easy is as ready, set, go!