A Guide for the Modern Carpooler, By Cassidy Tucker

The first brave carpoolers faced a great deal of challenges. Organization, scheduling, communication- all of these tasks turned carpooling into one big headache. At SPLT, we recognized the difficulty in finding a group to share a ride. The SPLT app was fashioned around the elimination of all burdens and barriers that complicate the carpooling process. Yet, every day, people continue to use outdated methods to find a carpool heading in their direction.

While the OGs of carpooling faced significant problems trying to coordinate timing with riders and drivers, modern-day carpoolers need not worry about these obstacles thanks to SPLT. But, by using the new and improved SPLT app, are new challenges created? After extensive research, we have created a guide that will help the modern day carpooler navigate any potential problems that may arise.   

Potential Problem #1: Can I bring my coffee into the driver’s car? 

It is completely acceptable to bring your coffee into another person’s car. However, there is a proper etiquette that must be followed:

-        Avoid an embarrassing spill by always having a lid on your coffee

-        Don’t slurp, you’re a SPLTr not a slurper

-        Drinking coffee is acceptable, but be sure to ask the driver before eating

Potential Problem #2: Can I bring my dog in the car?

No pets allowed. 

Potential Problem #3: Is it rude if I want to sleep in the car?

Not at all! If you don’t feel like talking and you’d rather catch up on some sleep, that’s totally cool. To ensure that you can sleep when you want to sleep, we recommend bringing a pair of headphones with you. While you may not want to talk, your fellow carpoolers may be in the mood to chat. 


Potential Problem #4: Can I talk on my phone? Can I play music in the car?

Unfortunately, a carpool does not duel as a phone booth. It’s alright to talk quietly on the phone for a few minutes but to talk on the phone the entire ride may be frustrating for your fellow SPLTrs! As far as playing music in the car goes, every carpool is different, so, our advice is to work it out with your carpool!


Potential Problem #5: I’m running late for my carpool, what do I do?

Punctuality is very important, but sometimes life happens and it makes you late. If you’re running more than five minutes behind schedule, don’t make your carpool wait.

Through usage of the SPLT app, carpooling is no longer a hassle like it used to be. We hope this guide for the modern carpooler will better help our SPLTrs navigate challenges, overcome them, and create a more enjoyable carpooling experience overall.