Why Should I Carpool?

When it comes to sharing the commute, some are all for it and ready to dive right in. However, more often we find that when introduced to carpooling for the first time, some are unsure about this new form of travel and inevitably have a number of questions.

How do I find a carpool? Why should I carpool, are there really benefits to carpooling?

These are questions that we want to answer for our SPLTers, and all carpoolers for that matter. Let’s start with that last one, “Why should I carpool, are there really benefits to carpooling?

The list of carpooling benefits is not a short one. To start, sharing the ride benefits the environment, your social network, your happiness, and your wallet.

According to the San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Commission, carpooling to work for half of the month could save 1,400 pounds of CO2 per year (calculations are based on average gas prices for a 30 mile round trip commute). Carpooling is a sustainable commute choice, and one that companies around the world are beginning to champion. By opting to share the ride with others, we are reducing the number of single-occupancy vehicles on the road, effectively combating congestion while reducing our carbon footprint.

Not only is carpooling a smart choice for the environment, it also saves time and money wasted sitting in traffic next to empty HOV lanes. In 2018, traffic cost the U.S. $87 billion in lost productivity, or $1,348 per driver, according to new data analyzed by INRIX. Those same drivers that lost money sitting in bumper to bumper traffic also lost time -- per driver, approximately one week of time was spent in traffic over the course of 2018 (Source: INRIX).

Those are some big numbers. What about the benefits of carpooling from a granular perspective? Well, below is a graphic detailing a number of benefits for both the individual that carpools and the organization that makes the sustainable decision to offer carpooling to its workforce. From improvements in productivity and wellness for the individual to reducing parking costs for the organization, this list is growing every day. For example, in Mexico, SPLT’s customers choose carpooling because it’s a safer and more comfortable commute than using public transit or driving alone.

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 1.29.29 PM.png

It’s no wonder why people are choosing carpooling after seeing these benefits. We decided to take it one step further and ask some of our SPLTrs why they choose to carpool. Below are some of their responses:

I carpool because I get to meet my neighbors. I can help someone get to work who otherwise would have to spend hours on public transit. It makes me feel good. - Nancy


I have an unusually long (60+ mile) commute to the office, which can take over two hours one-way if driving myself in rush hour traffic. Fortunately, in Northern Virginia we have the Express Lanes on I-495 and I-95, which charge variable tolls (often over $50 for the entire length) to keep traffic flowing at 65 MPH. However, carpools of 3 or more can ride in the Express Lanes for free. - Rory


When I ride in a carpool I have the option to catch up on some sleep, read a book or watch some Netflix. When I drive alone I feel like I’m sitting in my car wasting my time away.  - Imran


As you can see, there are a number of benefits to carpooling, but the reason for why you should carpool is entirely your own. It’s your commute, you should have the freedom to make it what you want.


Now, how do you go about trying to set up a carpool?


You can try approaching co-workers about carpooling or speaking with neighbors at community events to see if anyone is heading in a similar direction. Also, depending on where you live, many federal government agencies and private companies provide conveniently located “carpooling hubs” or meeting points where you can drop off your car and hop in another’s carpool.


At SPLT, we understand this can be time-consuming and even a little uncomfortable. That’s why we developed our carpooling application - SPLT facilitates the entire carpool process so you don’t have to. SPLT is a B2B product, working within closed networks to ensure safety and security for our users. If you want your company to offer a commute solution like SPLT, please reach out to us ([email protected]). We’d be more than happy to connect and provide you with additional details.

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Happy Carpooling!

Splittingly Yours,

The SPLT Team